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  • Oakland's Most Powerful 2002 Montana Street Oakland, CA, 94602 United States (map)

There is an old saying that goes, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there." If you lack a specific goal, the time you spend training may easily become a collection of random acts.

For this reason, we are bringing the Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) to the Bay Area on Oct 27!

What is the TSC?
It is an international competition made up of 3 Events:
🔥A max powerlifting deadlift
🔥Pull Ups for max reps
🔥Kettlebell Snatchesmax reps in 5min

For anyone who wants to test themselves or find a worthy goal to train for, this is a good opportunity to check in on your overall fitness progress each year.

We will be holding a TSC Workshop to go over rules and technique for the event.
This workshop will also kick off our 9-week TSC Prep Camp!--employing PlanStrong and StrongEndurance training protocols for students and attendees of the workshop to prepare and peak for the event.

So here are the dates:
Aug 25: TSC Workshop 9a-12p
Oct 27: Tactical Strength Challenge

Our prep camp will be held through our group training in the interem 9 weeks!


Later Event: September 29
Women's Strength Workshop