Mobility Training

10 athletes, 50 min, Please come prepared with your own mat

“Nobody ever got flexible by stretching for 30 seconds.”
— Dr. Andreo Spina
  • This is not active recovery. This is challenging, Science-based Mobility training

  • Improve your joint Function and Control

  • Learn what it takes to Expand your current joint ranges

  • Create bullet-proof joints

  • Learn how to Assess your own mobility and keep up with Daily Maintenance

  • Get connected to your body, learn what it is telling you, and learn how to act on it to feel better every day

Drop-In: $30

Functional Range Assessment (FRA)

90 min, available by appointment

“Treat all of your patients like students. What you can teach them about themselves is as valuable as any treatment you will ever give them.”
— Dr. Andreo Spina

The best option for those with serious mobility goals or movement limitations.

Depending on the goals:

  • You will be assessed, joint-by-joint, to determine your individual limitations or weaknesses

  • Video/Photo will be used for tracking

  • A program will be designed to help you improve the function of these joints

  • We will equip you with knowledge, tools, and strategies that will allow you to make change in your body and be self-sufficient in your maintenance

  • $200 per 90 min session

What, exactly, do you mean by Mobility?

Flexibility refers to the passive motion of joints. Mobility is flexibility plus strength--which refers to the amount of USEABLE motion that one possesses.

Are your joints and tissues resilient enough for the things you intend to make them do? Injuries cannot be avoided without living in a bubble, and even that solution comes with its own health problems. But there are things we can control. How we train, for example. Is improving your joint function part of your program?

Our mobility training is based on the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) methodology. FRC systemizes how to effectively learn control through greater ranges of motion based on the current available scientific literature. Combining FRC principles with other joint/tissue mobilization techniques, we can teach you how to improve the individual function of your joints. When your joints work better alone, they will work better together. When our joints work better together, we will falter less in our movements. If we falter less in our movements, we are less likely to get injured. Simple, but not easy.