Your body is capable of amazing things if you take the time to maintain and train it properly. Our mission at Oakland's Most Powerful is to EMPOWER you with the knowledge you need to maximize your potential. 

We are a small group of dedicated coaches, excited to share our knowledge and always hungry to learn more. Our passion for health and fitness brought us together. Our dedication to our craft as coaches and martial artists brought us close. You won't find a more Powerful team of supporters, ready and able to help you become the Most Powerful version of yourself. Tell us your goals and we will teach you how to form the habits that will lead to success. 




Coach Luis a Oakland native and co-owner of Oakland's Most Powerful, has felt the difference that a great coach makes in an athlete's motivation and success. After making his own massive body transformation, Luis decided to dedicate his time to helping others find similar health, fitness, and happiness. Beginning his career as an ACE personal trainer, he has since achieved the titles of StrongFirst ELITE Instructor, completed programming course by Pavel & Strongfirst (plan strong, Strong endurance & Second Wind) Level 2 Nutrition Coach (after a year-long mentorship program with Precision Nutrition), and a Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Mobility Specialist. He is also a blue belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu at 10thplanet oakland.

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Coach Alexei comes from a highly technical background with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Civil & Environmental Engineering. While working on his PhD, Alexei decided that he would be much happier training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and helping others reach their fitness goals. Despite his PhD advisor's confusion, he left graduate school to move into the Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Berkeley, quickly got certified through NASM to begin working with students & Athletes.

Coach Alexei is now a Strongfirst Elite Coach (Kettlebell, Barbell, & Bodyweight), and has completed both programming courses offered by pavel & strongfirst (Plan strong & strong endurance). he is also a Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Assessment Specialist and Mobility Specialist, A Kinstretch Instructor, a Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, and A Certified Functional Strength Coach through MBSC. Finally, he is a Jiu-Jitsu Instructor & Brown Belt at the Ralph Gracie Academy under Eduardo Fraga.

Alexei looks forward to dedicating his knowledge & expertise towards designing programs for strength,mobility, & endurance that are actually backed by sicence and give results.



You would be hard-pressed to find a human who is as strong as Coach Mel, pound-for-pound. As a full-time judo athlete, she was 2nd in the country, competing against the best internationally, and on a sure path to the Olympics. That was until she tore both ACLs in training and in competition within one year. While the Olympic window of opportunity was taken away, she decided to re-focus her energy on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and on becoming an excellent coach. In her first year focusing on BJJ, she became Pan-American Champion and placed 3rd at the World Championships. In her second year, she placed 2nd at the World Championships (along with many other gold medals). Consistently on top of her nutrition, consistently on top of her training, and consistently fun to learn from. If you want to learn a champion's mindset, study Coach Mel.

Aside from being a Judo Black Belt, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BRown belt, and a world-class athlete, Coach Mel is a StrongFirst instructor (SFG2, SFB) & a PN1 Nutrition coach. she also may be the smallest athlete to earn the titles of Iron Maiden and SINISTER, weighing in at a whopping 120lbs!