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A workout should give you more than it takes out of you
— Ivan Ivanov

This is typically where we want all students to start. It is ideal to review and improve technique 1-on-1 before jumping into Group Training. Whether you are brand new to Hardstyle Kettlebell training or a veteran at Swings and Get Ups, you will benefit from some in-depth coaching and cueing.

  • Improve the quality of your practice

  • Learn what YOU need to work on

  • Get more out of Group Training

The curriculum will be mostly focused on one or two techniques per session, teaching the proper set up and execution for Deadlifts, Swings, Get Ups, Cleans, Squats, and Presses. Once we have reviewed and improved our skills for the day, we will incorporate it into a strength-focused practice session and finish the session with a push! 

Learning to safely harness the power of the kettlebell and master tension in your body will improve your body awareness, proprioception, strength, and mobility. These will be key to a happy, healthy, successful fitness journey.


10 athletes, 60 min

“We view strength, endurance, and other qualities as skills and approach our training as a ‘practice,’ not a ‘workout’.”
— The StrongFirst Girya Principles

Join us for group practice in the ways of Hardstyle kettlebell training, led by one of our Powerful coaches. Mastering the kettlebell will translate to improved performance across all areas of your fitness. Swing, Squat, Pull, Press, Clean, Snatch, Get Up, and Carry your way to a lean, strong body that is capable of any task. For those that need the basics, that's what they will get. If you have mastered the basics, you will expand your potential with more barbell and double kettlebell work as needed.

  • All plans are designed to deliver progress and results while reducing soreness and balancing recovery. This leads to more consistent training, more training volume, and more results.

  • Classes alternate between Strength and Strong Endurance, as described below. 4 sessions/week with a healthy mix of both is suggested.

  • All movements will be expertly coached and scaled based on the abilities of the athlete. 






I need specialization to get strong and variety to keep me sane.
— Rob Lawrence

available by appointment

One-on-one training to make you the Most Powerful version of yourself. We will tailor a program specific to your goals and guide you along the path to success.

This the best option for athletes looking for sport-specific training. You will build strength and speed in the positions you need for your sport without beating yourself up and reducing the effectiveness of your next training session.